Lee, Jeremy, Max, Rowan
➤ he/it/xe/fox + more neos
➤ Genderfluid + bi, aroace spec
more about my gender and shtuff :3


➤ I have a lot of mental health problems, pls be patient w/ me.
➤ I swear a lot!!
➤ I use tone tags and ask that you use them around me as well.
➤ I don't usually cw/tw comforts.
➤ I type fast and rarely proofread, so expect a lot of spelling errors.

DNI if

➤ poonphile, pedophile/map, necrophiliac, ect
➤ lgbtqphobic
➤ white supremacist
➤ draws/supports feral nsfw or animal genatalia (even on anthro characters, its weird and creepy)
➤ -14/23+ (unless I interact first or already mutuals)
➤ other basic dni stuff I didn't list

Off limits

➤ Drawing hate speech art with my characters
➤ Making nsfw comments or jokes about my characters (unless given permission)
➤ Talking about animal abuse
➤ Derealization or dereality talk/jokes
➤ Jokes about paranoia or stuff that could affect ppl with paranoia
➤ Jokes about comas or simulations

Unless close don't

➤ Make nsfw jokes towards me or involving me
➤ Vent to me without permission
➤ Ask for free art
➤ Make suicide or kys jokes around me


➤ Libraries, autumn themed anything, stuffed animals, Eeveelutions, K.K. Slider music, handpaws, fursuits, Black cats, parakeets, ferrets, rats, opossums, moths, big dogs, any kind of cat, any rodent


Object shows, Pokemon, Splatoon, A hat in time, Purrfect Apawcalypse, Devil's Candy webcomic, Never Satisfied webcomic, Epithet Erased, FNaF, Blueycapsules, OK K.O., Eddsworld, Undertale, Deltarune, Heartstopper, Bugsnax, Hollow Knight, Ori games, Among us