Lee, Jeremy, Max, Rowan
➤ he/it/xe/vi + more
➤ Genderfluid + demisexual


➤ I have a lot of mental health problems, pls be patient w/ me.
➤ I swear a lot!!
➤ I use tone tags and ask that you use them around me as well.
➤ I don't usually cw/tw comforts.
➤ I type fast and rarely proofread, so expect a lot of spelling errors.

DNI if

➤ poonphile, pedophile/map, necrophiliac, ect
➤ lgbtqphobic
➤ white supremacist
➤ nsfw or 18+ account
➤ -13/21+ (unless I interact first or already mutuals)
➤ other basic dni stuff like bigotry

Off limits

➤ Drawing nsfw art or hate speech art with my characters
➤ Making nsfw comments or jokes about my characters (unless given permission)
➤ Derealization or dereality talk
➤ Jokes about paranoia or stuff that could affect ppl with paranoia

Unless close don't

➤ Make nsfw jokes towards me or involving me
➤ Vent to me without permission
➤ Ask for free art or to do an art trade/collab
➤ Make suicide or kys jokes around me
➤ Make jokes about comas/being in a coma


➤ Libraries, autumn themed anything, stuffed animals, Eeveelutions, K.K. Slider music, handpaws, fursuits, Black cats, parakeets, ferrets, rats, opossums, moths, big dogs, any kind of cat, any rodent


Object shows, Pokemon, Splatoon, A hat in time, Purrfect Apawcalypse, Devil's Candy webcomic, Never Satisfied webcomic, Epithet Erased, FNaF, Blueycapsules, OK K.O., Eddsworld, Undertale, Deltarune, Heartstopper, Bugsnax, Hollow Knight, Ori games, Among us


Charles (is lame & has no carrd)